Inclusion Week Impact

What is cultural intelligence? To be culturally intelligent is to adapt and operate effectively in a range of contexts. These can be across national, ethnic, organisational, generational, and departmental settings...

Cinven wanted to launch employee resource networks and engage all its people during National Inclusion Week.


We held a kick-off keynote and then a series of network-focused conversations to catalyse the formation of staff networks.


Over half the company attended, and three employee networks have since been launched.


“Cinven Inclusion Week was a great success, largely due to the engaging and thought-provoking keynote address and daily webinars delivered by Raafi-Karim Alidina at Included. The talks were evidence-based, rich in content and in practical application. Despite running during Covid-19 lockdown, Raafi‘s sessions were interactive, entertaining and challenging, generating hundreds of conversations between colleagues across different teams and offices. Included definitely helped us raise awareness and capture people’s commitment around D&I, paving the way for an increase in our activity and driving real progress.”

Caroline Rawes, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cinven

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