We calculate diversity, model the future diversity of an organisation, and measure inclusion. By doing so, we identify targeted interventions that will help to create inclusive cultures.


Inclusive Data Audit
services inclusive data audit

Included run a review exercise, gathering as much existing data and information as possible and identifying gaps. Datasets may include diversity data (representation, reward, recruitment etc.), and data relating to inclusion (people surveys, exit interviews, employee engagement etc.).

Focus/Listening Groups
services focus listening groups

We facilitate Focus and Listening Groups to drive psychological safety. Our methods are based on Included‘s academic research and market experience, combined with your knowledge of the business to design effective question formation.

Inclusion Diagnostic
services inclusion diagnostic

Our unique, statistically validated Inclusion Diagnostic (“ID”) measures the level of inclusion in an organisation and then helps us to design targeted, meaningful interventions to create more inclusive cultures. It is this that is the critical determinant in the success of any D&I programming.

Dynamic Project Model
services dynamic project model

Our Dynamic Projection Model (DPM) projects the future diversity of your organisation. It allows you to enact course-correction and to target key interventions on your way to building a diverse and inclusive organisation.

D&I Dashboard
services di dashboard

We work with you to build up real-time metrics for diversity, equity and inclusion in your organisation, assisting with scoping out actions and interventions, and further supporting your D&I strategy.

Impact Framework
services impact framework

We measure the impact of D&I in your organisation, considering internal and external, individual and collective, and wider-world impact. This allows a more complete picture to be created.

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