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We are a consultancy that offers a comprehensive suite of solutions. There are five areas of intervention necessary to build a truly inclusive organisation (Strategy, Data, Governance, Leadership and Systems), and within those pillars, we feature some of our most popular and successful products here.

Strategy Alignment

Our Strategy Alignment solution allows key decision–makers to be guided by expert facilitation. We create the opportunity for you to pause, reflect and appreciate the options, before commencing your D&I journey.


Employee Networks and Resource Groups

Many companies seek to create diversity networks or Employee Resource Groups (“ERG”). Included provides expert guidance for ensuring they are well-structured, add value to members and the organisation and have measurable meaningful impact.



In less than one hour we can completely reframe how your people think about inclusion and diversity.


Inclusion Diagnostic

Our unique, statistically validated Inclusion Diagnostic (“ID”) measures the level of inclusion in an organisation. This helps us to design targeted, meaningful interventions to create more inclusive cultures.


Inclusive Leadership Programmes

Our suite of Inclusive Leadership Programmes (“ILP”) are an investment in re-framing inclusion for leaders to benefit them and the wider organisation.


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From keynotes, fireside chats and team talks to inclusion coaching, multi-month leadership programmes and digital learning solutions

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