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Leadership Lab

The Inclusive Leadership Lab (“ILL”) is an investment in re-framing inclusion for leaders to benefit them and the wider organization. It is a condensed version of the Inclusive Leadership Programme (“ILP”) built for scalability at pace for wider roll-out.

AntiSexual Harassment Training icon

Anti-Sexual Harassment

Most sexual harassment training adopts a compliance approach. Our programming, delivered as one-off or series events, explores the causes of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, together with prevention and mitigation strategies.

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Included delivers motivational presentations to your audience in theatre or remotely. Using a range of methods from oratory to multimedia we can inspire and engage your workforce to help them understand D&I differently.

Systems Review Icon

Systems Review

An Included HR operations and D&I expert will conduct a thorough review of all relevant systems to identify if and where some groups may be excluded from or treated less favourably than others.

Race Audit Icon

Race Audit

We conduct broad, systemic race reviews within organisations, identifying key intervention areas and action points to help build anti-racist organisational cultures.

Global DI Review icon

Global D&I Review

In the current era of globalisation and easy mobility, many organisations of all sizes are working across multiple locations. To effectively measure diversity across multiple markets, Included will assist to gain an understanding of what can and should be measured in each locale, and how best to do so.

Strategy Alignment Workshop (SAW)

Strategy Workshop

Our Strategy Alignment Workshop (SAW) allows key decision-makers to be guided by expert facilitation and pause, reflect and appreciate the options, before commencing their D&I journey.

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Steering Group

We like to co-create with clients. A steering group allows us the structure to collaborate effectively and oversee a project through to successful completion.

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D&I Statement

Guided by the market situation, latest research and best practice, we work with you on articulating your D&I work in a way that’s authentic to you.

Inclusive Data Framework Icon

Inclusive Data Audit

Included run a review exercise, gathering as much existing data and information as possible and identifying gaps. Datasets may include diversity data (representation, reward, recruitment etc.), and data relating to inclusion (people surveys, exit interviews, employee engagement etc.).