Impact beyond Black History Month: Interview with Darren Miller, BBI

Nick Basannavar, Head of Consulting at Included, interviews Darren Miller, Founder of the Black Business Institute during Black History Month in the UK. Nick and Darren discuss the response to the Black History Month theme ‘Time for Change: Actions not Words’ and guidance for organisations looking to make a real difference beyond October.

The Black Business Institute (BBI) exists to promote a fairer society by boosting BME entrepreneurialism. The aim is to achieve racial equity, by applying progressive and inclusive economics to liberate this huge untapped resource, which clearly has a very significant commercial value the entire UK economy.

Darren is the Co-founder CEO of Black Business Institute, Founder and CEO of Black British Initiative, and founder of podcast series ‘BBI You’re On Mute’.

Nick works with clients from a variety of sectors to create meaningful impact – both within and beyond organisational contexts for Included, the global, impact-led diversity and inclusion consultancy. Nick is also a social and cultural historian of postwar Britain and holds a PhD from the University of London (Birkbeck). Nick is also an advisory board member for the Black Business Institute.

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