Stephen Frost discussing How to Build an Inclusive Organisation but focusing on five areas:

  1. Strategy – Focusing on the whole strategy of the organisation – not just the D&I work. The strategy requires a plan
  2. Data – It is important to understand how to use Inclusion is necessary to understand diversity data – leading to the creation of targets on how to include diversity in the organisation
  3. Governance – How are you going to hold people accountable?
  4. Leadership – Often confused with Management. Leadership is about push the norms – Do as I do not just as I say!
  5. Systems – Often invisible parts of the organisation behind the scenes (recruitment, marketing etc) – all of which contain bias. This area is about sustainability of the journey

Once these five areas are in place, you are on your way to building an inclusive organisation. We need to understand where the leadership is regarding understanding, leading and delivering this work.

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