Tim Carr


Tim is a self-confessed management and leadership nerd and neuroscience geek who became fascinated by the “games that people play” in the world of business and life after getting a formal education much later than most people. 

He was disadvantaged as a schoolboy suffering from a bone disease that temporarily made him immobile. He couldn’t wait to leave school where he experienced bullying for his disabilities and left with limited choices as he had no qualifications.  Growing up in an industrial town in the north of England he learnt to navigate the world with humour and hard work instilled in him by the Jamaican, African, and Indian elders that he worked with as a hospital cleaner, chef and security guard. He had some quick wins and good fortune that took him into some very prestigious organisations and social circles and was fortunate to have some fascinating roles and responsibilities in his 37 years career in management.

Tim is passionate about the potential of youth and the obligation we hold as a species to creating value in society underpinned by human rights and respect for all.

Much of his early adult life was spent navigating the impact of the emotional damage that he experienced growing up in the 1980s when he came out to his family in the middle of the AIDs Crisis. His broad network developed as did his repertoire as a senior leader in multiple industries including construction, health, and the TV and film industry.  Most recently he has enjoyed growing his business focussed on developing executive education programmes and helping teams around the world to understand what holds them back from growth and exemplary success.

With some 30 years as a lay Buddhist practitioner Tim has devoted the last 7 years to condensing his knowledge of managing people and teams, neuroscience, positive psychology and contemporary management theory to help leaders become people that others instinctively follow.

Tim is an outspoken and provocative antiracist and ally. He considers himself to be an ambassador for his trans brothers and sisters and identifies as a cis-male, white, and queer.


Head of ConsultingRob Adediran


Consulting Manager, Data & Product LeadRaafi-Karim Alidina


Advisory Board MemberJohn Athanasiou


Head of OperationsVikki Barron

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