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Included is recognised globally for partnering with organisations to deliver innovative, impact-led diversity and inclusion solutions.

We bring together global leaders with deep expertise in diversity and inclusion and extensive leadership experience in the worlds of academia, business and government. Our impact-led approach to inclusion has brought meaningful, measurable change in the public, private and third sectors.

We are passionate about benefiting the clients we work with and contributing to making the world a better place.

We partner with clients across the five areas that our research and practice tells us we need to get right in inclusion work: strategy, data, governance, leadership and systems.

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Strategy Services Icon

We are experts in designing diversity and inclusion strategies tailored to the business goals of an organisation. We help position D&I to support the core purpose and impact of the organisation. We work directly with CEOs, HR Directors and senior management teams to ensure D&I is part of organisational strategy.


  • Strategy Workshop
  • Strategy Development
  • Steering Group
  • Retainer Consultancy
  • Research
  • D&I Statement



Data Services Icon

We calculate diversity, model the future diversity of an organisation, and measure inclusion. By doing so, we identify targeted interventions that will help to create inclusive cultures.


  • Focus/Listening Groups
  • Impact Framework
  • D&I Dashboard
  • Inclusive Data Audit
  • Projection Model
  • Inclusion Diagnostic



We help you create the key frameworks and accountabilities that you need to deliver on your inclusion programming. We observe and improve corporate decision making from boardroom to shop floor and everywhere in between.


  • Networks & ERGs
  • Board Effectiveness
  • RACI Model



Leadership Services Icon

From keynotes, fireside chats and team talks to inclusion coaching, multi-month leadership programmes and digital learning solutions, we help you gain buy-in for inclusive change, tailored to all levels of the organisation.


  • Allyship Programme
  • Anti-Racism Series
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment
  • Inclusive Coaching
  • Keynote
  • Leadership Lab
  • Leadership Programme
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Mobile Microlearning
  • Series Deliveries
  • Sponsorship Programme
  • Unconscious Bias



Systems Services Icon

We build and rebuild internal and outward-facing systems that support and perpetuate inclusion. We analyse processes such as recruitment, retention, product creation, and procurement. We identify potential bias and then work with you to sequence the debiasing and improvement of your systems.


  • Global D&I Review
  • Race Audit
  • Inclusive Performance
  • Inclusive Product Design
  • Diversity Monitoring
  • Systems Review


Our approach of Understand, Lead and Deliver ensures we skilfully and positively disrupt and educate the Boardroom in corporations, academia, media and government to help re-engineer organisations to be more inclusive.


Understand is about defining your why. It’s about understanding what D&I is, why it matters to your organisation, crafting a relevant business case and then relating that to existing challenges you are trying to tackle.


Lead is about leaders taking personal responsibility for their behaviours and understanding their own impact. We help empower people and their teams to deliver inclusive cultures.


Deliver is about actions. We help develop targeted interventions to change the specific aspects of the organisation that need focus, bringing a truly practical approach.

Maturity Model

Organisations tend to adopt one of three approaches to diversity and inclusion work, as we detail in our books and thought leadership. These approaches are either compliance (Diversity 101), PR (Diversity 2.0) or genuine embedding in decision-making (Inclusion 3.0). We cover the range but focus at moving organisations towards 3.0 and real impact – and we’re helping to craft the future world of Inclusion 4.0.

Diversity 101

The ‘101’, compliance-heavy approach to diversity and inclusion has been about attaining a minimum, not a maximum. It tackles legal requirements and may include gender or ethnicity quotas.

Diversity 2.0

The reputational or marketing-led approach sees organisations begin to ‘take a stand’ in visible ways.

Inclusion 3.0

Our partner organisations go further and work towards truly embedding inclusion in leadership behaviours. We call this approach ‘Inclusion 3.0’. 

Inclusion 4.0

Taking inclusion to the next level calls for system change. These organisations are radically changing work, embracing digital innovation, remote work, and dispersed workforces.

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