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Included is proud to partner with likeminded organisations who are committed to using their skills to help build more inclusive organisations.

Black Business Institute recently renamed to Black Business Initiative

BBI is non-political, and believes racial injustice is a societal wide issue, only eradicated with the support of all races, genders and age groups. BBI recognises that business has a fundamental role in achieving this outcome. With a focus on equity, BBI challenges racial injustice through business enterprise.

Partnering with Included since 2019.

Censeo Learning Systems

Censeo Learning Systems offers an impressive portfolio of global solutions and infrastructure to deliver on the most complex challenges faced by organisations. Services cover a broad array of solutions and methodologies to ensure that learning can be applied across all facets of organisational learning and development requirements. To complement learning services their infrastructure provides a comprehensive LMS and project tools to ensure all learning projects are seamlessly delivered and cascaded throughout organisations.

Partnering with Included since 2008, through our collective work with multiple organising committees of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (OCOGs). This has seen DE&I learning delivered for several OCOGs over several years and collectively for Paris 2024 together with Included and Censeo.

Corporate Research Forum

Founded in 1994, Corporate Research Forum (CRF) is a membership organisation whose purpose is to increase the effectiveness of the HR function, in order to drive sustained organisational performance, through developing the capability of HR professionals. Through more than twenty years of research and the expertise of their team, they have developed a deep understanding of the ways HR can contribute to business outcomes, what works, what doesn’t, and in what circumstances. With a network of over 220+ leading organisations, they continue to grow as the respected focal point and knowledge source for improving corporate and individual performance.

Partnering with Included since 2020, with the aim to bring to their members and network Included's deep expertise in D&I, extensive leadership experience in the worlds of academia, business and government, and strong capability in implementing programmes in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

DEI Club

DEI Club brings DEI professionals together to learn from, and inspire, each other. They exist for everyone who is working to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in organisations and serve as your one-stop gateway to a rapidly evolving DEI ecosystem. Their role is to enable your progress throughout the entire DEI lifecycle – from the initial diagnostic and goal setting through to ongoing reinforcement, stakeholder alignment, and impact tracking. Their ambition is to make DEI Club an important and integral part of your work life.

Partnering with Included since 2021.

Fair Pay Innovation Lab

In cooperation with partners like Included, the FPI shows how to implement a pay system that is fair for all employees: neutral, objective, and with stereotype-free structures that leave no room for discrimination. In this way, wage gaps such as the gender pay gap, age gaps, or ethnicity gaps can be closed. Measures and instruments can be identified, implemented, and monitored in a tailored manner. To support companies in implementing fair pay, the FPI award them the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK, currently the most effective certification for fair pay. The internationally recognized certification process offers reliable guidance in the complex certification jungle and is impactful monitoring, management, and communication tool in the implementation of equal opportunities and equality in companies and organisations.

Partnering with Included since 2020.

Honne Partners

Honne Partners are a boutique human development consultancy, focused on helping organisations to improve the psychological health of their cultures and to put the human back at the heart of what they do. Based throughout the UK, they are a team of organisational psychologists and executive coaches, who specialise in improving mental wellbeing at work by working with systemic influences in an organisation to create positive and sustainable cultural evolution. They help clients uncover the positive forces at play in their organisation in order to help them sustainably, yet rapidly, make meaningful change.

Partnering with Included since 2020.

Legal Island

Legal Island is a multi-award-winning workplace compliance company working across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, helping HR professionals understand employment law and how it applies to their workplace. Since 1998, Legal Island has guided thousands of HR professionals through expert-led conferences and workshops, the Employment Law Hub, and eLearning compliance training for all staff.

Partnering with Included since 2018, to bring high-quality and meaningful D&I events to the island of Ireland. These include D&I Strategy meetings for Northern Ireland, D&I Masterminds supporting D&I practitioners, an annual D&I Conference and more recently a CPD-approved D&I Certificate course.


OrgShakers are a global team of seasoned HR practitioners who combine decades of pragmatic, first-hand corporate experience with the latest technology and workforce insights to help leadership teams unlock People Power within an organisation. Across a range of key People disciplines, OrgShakers have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to ensure organisations have the right structure, a positive workplace culture, and leaders with the skills and capabilities required to shape strategy and motivate performance. As well as helping clients optimize key People practices such as onboarding, employee engagement and retention, rewards and benefits, performance management, HR systems, succession planning, employee wellbeing, and D&I, OrgShakers also have an impressive track record in supporting businesses through periods of strategic transition. This includes start-up, rapid expansion, business turnaround, mergers, culture change, entry into a new market, adjusting to post-pandemic working, and other situations where the complexity and intensity of the HR challenge can be daunting.

Partnering with Included since 2021.


ProFinda’s workforce optimization software transforms the way that people are matched to work. Some of the world’s most prominent professional services organisations are using ProFinda’s AI to ensure that resourcing is more data-driven, transparent, and efficient. Resourcing and team formation has historically been rife with bias. ProFinda allows organisations to eliminate that bias and leverage data to ensure that resourcing decisions are being made fairly. Top companies are also using ProFinda to implement a global “opportunity marketplace” where workforce members can easily apply for stretch roles, learning opportunities and volunteering engagements across departments and geographies. This creates a more inclusive work experience, with effortless access to opportunities for all. Ultimately, the mission at ProFinda is to ensure everyone has the chance to reach their full potential, and is empowered to contribute to the mission of the business.

Partnering with Included since 2018, to continuously innovate the latest thinking and techniques to ensure a more inclusive work experience.


Profusion is a team of data specialists who design, build, and embed cutting-edge data solutions that create value. These solutions are built to ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time, enabling organisations to be more efficient and more effective through data. Supporting organisations across all parts of the transformation journey - starting with strategy and engineering, through to analysis, machine learning and BI - Profusion combines all the necessary skills to build data solutions for long-term, sustained impact. Alongside their consultancy services, Profusion deploys several core training programmes into organisations at scale through their in-house Data Academy. The Academy aims to educate key audiences on the fundamentals of working with data; helping to ensure the whole organisation can truly realise the value of this untapped asset.

Partnering with Included since 2021, to solve several core EDI challenges through data, these include: understanding the effectiveness of EDI interventions; building effective employee experience programmes; identifying high-performers and ‘at-risk’ employees to be able to identify sensible intervention techniques, particularly where there are intersectional challenges; benchmarking inclusion in organisations; and, delivering contextualised data training for in-house HRDs, people leaders and ESG professionals.


Karl George has collaborated with Included to ensure that assignments include a robust review of governance when considering DEI strategy. Also with the development of the RACE Equality Code we can offer a unique diagnostic assessment and quality mark when focusing on tackling underrepresentation in boards and the senior leadership team.

Partnering with Included since 2013.


Change management technology that helps you lead your people through change. Rungway enables you to listen, understand and react to the most important ideas, advice and issues raised by all employees in your organisation. They are your continual drumbeat into your people. Using the platform, anyone in the organisation can ask a question, raise a concern or seek advice, in a forum that’s visible to all and where anyone can join in. Leaders can get to know their people at scale through engaging in open dialogue which is seen by all, delivering maximum impact and reach.

Partnering with Included since 2018, we share an ambition to create the most inclusive and positive workplace culture. Their founders Julie and Stephen have supported each other over a number of years to achieve this mission.


Profiles of C-Suite leaders are changing and being able to communicate company purpose and societal impact is now a must have ability for any business leader.

vocL works with the next generation of business leaders (vocL Voices) empowering them to find their authentic voice and to channel their moral courage to be champions of responsible business and to have a more positive impact on society. The vocL programme includes production of feature articles, podcasts and videocasts (for review of, or in cooperation with associate mentors, peers and the vocL community) and participation in panel debates, exclusive round table discussion and networking events. The vocL app provides our community with a safe space for communication practice, message testing and lively, positive debate.

Partnering with Included since 2021.

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Mental Health Awareness Week
May 16, 2024by included
Mental Health Awareness Week
Taking the time to focus on our mental well-being has never been more essential. We believe that sharing experiences and strategies can make a significant difference in how we manage stress, anxiety, and overall mental health. This week we’ve asked members of our team to share some personal insights and effective tips that have enhanced...
Free webinar: Top DEI Challenges in 2024 and How to Solve Them
May 10, 2024by included
Free webinar: Top DEI Challenges in 2024 and How to Solve Them
As we quickly move towards mid-2024, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) landscape is evolving rapidly, influenced by an ever more diverse and digital workplace. In partnership with Legal Island, this webinar, delivered by CEO Michelle Sequeira, is suited for business leaders, HR professionals and passionate DEI advocates who are dedicated to building inclusive cultures...
Being an Inclusive Leader
April 25, 2024by included
Being an Inclusive Leader
Diversity and inclusion can be another tool in your toolbox, and it can gradually become a natural habit by embedding it into your leadership practice. When we are able to do this as leaders, we enable those around us to be more open and honest. This in turn makes it easier to bring all aspects...

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