Included is a global impact-led D&I consultancy founded by Stephen Frost, former Head of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We exist to build inclusive organisations and a truly meritocratic workplace. That’s our contribution to making the world a better place.

An inclusive world starts in the workplace. We skilfully and positively disrupt and educate the boardroom to help re-engineer organisations to be more inclusive. We are committed to achieving measurable change in the value added to organisations and to the wider world. Rather than simply words on a page, these are lived by the team on a daily basis.

We bring together leaders with deep expertise in D&I, extensive leadership experience in the worlds of academia, business and government, and strong capability in implementing programmes in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Our theory of change was developed, tried and tested in the unparalleled environment of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. First, we must understand the problem and define our own “why” in a way that makes sense to us and our work. Second, we must take personal responsibility for our own leadership. No-one else can lead for you. Third, we must deliver – focus on concrete actions that are thought-through, personal to us and make a measurable difference to those around us.


Included was founded as a legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. London 2012 showed the world what inclusion can look and feel like and the value it can bring to individuals and organisations. Ever since, we have helped people and organisations truly understand the value of diversity, take personal leadership responsibility for inclusion, and deliver practical solutions through our global D&I consulting work.

Our Journey


London Olympic and Paralympic Games shows the world what inclusion can look like.


Frost Included Ltd, f(i), is established with 3 clients – Harvard University, the International Paralympic Committee and Novartis.


The Inclusion Imperative, a book detailing the inclusion story of London 2012, is published.


f(i) becomes a limited company and the team grows.


The United Kingdom narrowly votes to leave the European Union and Donald Trump is elected to the White House.


Inclusive Talent Management, our second book, wins awards and further recognition for our work.


The team grows further and we increase our expertise in strategy, data and leadership work.


Building an Inclusive organisation is our third book to be published and is again shortlisted for awards.


Launch of our first Impact Report, detailing a decade of building inclusive organisations.


Following a global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, we support a growing number of organisations worldwide. We become Included.


The Key to Inclusion, our fourth book is published. A practical guide to Diversity, Equity and Belonging for individuals, teams and organisations, sharing the practical guidance needed to think differently and make true inclusion a reality.


We launch the Included Impact Index to give organisations an immediate assessment their D&I performance against our maturity framework to enable clients to have the greatest impact as they continue their D&I journey

Latest Insights

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Included Gifts of Inclusion
December 19, 2023by Anthony Small
Included Gifts of Inclusion
The Gift of Inclusion As the season of giving unfolds, there’s a unique gift we can all share – the gift of inclusion. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the profound impact that inclusivity has in our lives. Inclusion isn’t just a corporate buzzword; it’s a heartfelt embrace of diversity, understanding and acceptance in...
Has HR fallen out of love with Diversity & Inclusion?
October 27, 2023by included
Has HR fallen out of love with Diversity & Inclusion?
Has HR fallen out of love with Diversity & Inclusion? In January 2005, I led the team at Stonewall that launched the first Workplace Equality Index. We came up with the idea to frame diversity and inclusion (D&I) as an aspirational positive (rather than simply a cost of doing business), and benchmark companies on their...
Inclusive Communication: Overcoming Accent Bias in the Workplace
September 28, 2023by included
Inclusive Communication: Overcoming Accent Bias in the Workplace
Inclusive Communication: Overcoming Accent Bias in the Workplace Have you ever had your accent mocked at work? Banter isn’t uncommon in modern workspaces and can be playful when it’s reciprocated both ways, but don’t let your feelings become invalidated if you feel offended. Being made to feel insignificant and unimportant because of your accent is...

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