From keynotes, fireside chats and team talks to inclusion coaching, multi-month leadership programmes and digital learning solutions, we help you gain buy-in for inclusive change, tailored to all levels of the organisation.


Unconscious Bias
services unconscious bias

Our Interactive and practical workshop explores individual biases that impact on working relationships. Allowing people, in a safe environment, to both understand unconscious bias and develop personal strategies to ensure personal biases are effectively managed.

Inclusive Leadership Lab
services inclusive leadership lab

The Inclusive Leadership Lab (“ILL”) is an investment in re-framing inclusion for leaders to benefit them and the wider organisation. It is a condensed version of the Inclusive Leadership Programme (“ILP”) built for scalability at pace for wider roll-out.

Sponsorship Programme
services sponsorship programme

We co-create a sponsorship programme that will lead to increased promotions of under-represented talent. By allying top diverse talent with powerful decision makers, you give the best chance to level the playing field and allow all talent the opportunity to progress.

Allyship Programme
services allyship programme

“Being an ally” is important – but what does it practically mean? We work with you to clarify definitions and understanding, and provide frameworks, workshops and systematic solutions for perpetual allyship.

Mobile Microlearning
services mobile microlearning

Our mobile app-based inclusion solution allows for nudges and bite-sized, personalised learning to allow scalability and sustainability in your organisation.

Anti-Racism Series
services anti racism series

This series unpacks what systemic racism means on an individual and organisational level. Tackle privilege, microaggressions, and fragility and equip your teams with the knowledge and skills to create an actively anti-racist inclusive culture.

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