At Included, we are dedicated to guiding you through the process of building robust frameworks and establishing clear accountabilities that are essential for successful implementation of your inclusion programming. Our experienced team collaborates closely with your organisation to understand its unique needs and challenges, tailoring our approach to ensure a seamless integration of diversity and inclusion initiatives into your existing structures. By working together, we co-create strategies that not only align with your business objectives but also foster a culture of inclusivity at every level of your organisation.

One of our core areas of expertise lies in observing and optimising corporate decision-making processes, from the highest echelons of the boardroom to the dynamic interactions on the shop floor. We believe that inclusivity should permeate every aspect of an organisation, and this starts with examining the decision-making mechanisms that shape its policies, practices, and culture. Through a meticulous analysis of your decision-making workflows, we identify potential biases and barriers that may hinder the full integration of diverse perspectives. With this insight, we collaboratively develop targeted interventions to promote inclusive decision-making practices, ensuring that diverse voices are heard, valued, and taken into account in all strategic choices.

Our commitment to fostering inclusivity extends beyond just identifying areas for improvement. We actively support the implementation of our recommendations, offering ongoing guidance and support to ensure that the desired changes are effectively embedded into your organisation’s DNA. By instilling a culture of continuous improvement, we help your organisation adapt and evolve, making inclusivity an inherent part of its identity, driving positive outcomes not only for the company but also for its employees and stakeholders.

With Included as your partner, you can rest assured that your inclusion journey will be guided by expertise, empathy, and a shared vision for a more equitable and prosperous future.


RACI Model
services raci model

We analyse and refine your decision-making frameworks and processes, network group and other stakeholder structures. We help to assign accountabilities and ways of working for maximum impact.

Networks & ERGs
services networks and ergs

Many companies seek to create diversity networks or Employee Resource Groups (“ERG”). Included provides expert guidance for ensuring they are well-structured, add value to members and the organisation and have measurable meaningful impact.

Board Effectiveness
services board effectiveness

Our Board Effectiveness service assists organisations to analyse decision making processes and suggest improvements. We will offer you an impartial review of how your most important decisions get made. The impact of this is measured by the impact you want to have in the market and society​.

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