Systems are a key driver of inclusion

Inclusion has to happen by design. Making small tweaks to organisational processes can have a significant positive impact on D&I.

For example, research into hybrid work showed that there were benefits to disabled people from this change in working processes, although it’s important to acknowledge potential risk concerns about risks to career progression have been highlighted.

Disability Rights UK Head of Policy, Fazilet Hadi, said ”Working from home and working flexibly is welcomed by thousands of Disabled people. It allows us to avoid the challenges of public transport, better integrate work with health and personal issues and maintain our independence.”

Systems such as recruitment are crucial, but processes outside of HR cannot be forgotten. Other key systems include procurement, marketing, and product design.

By embedding inclusion as a priority into how we approach all systems and processes in our organisation can significantly benefit workplace inclusion, as well as contribute to organisational performance. Find out more about Included’s work on Systems.