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Are you feeling lonely and unsupported in your D&I work?

D&I work is challenging, ever-evolving, and can be daunting. For those moving into their first D&I role, or taking a step up to a senior or global D&I position, it can be hard to find support.
Induction for D&I leaders

Using coaching methodologies and a unique programme, Included supported a D&I professional moving into her first global D&I role for a global luxury fashion retailer. This programme spanned each of the five pillars Included uses to great inclusive culture: strategy, data, leadership, governance, and systems. Find out how our tailored induction made an impact.

Whether you’re looking to gain additional skills or are struggling with imposter syndrome, new and developing D&I professionals need support.

Here’s some key advice from the Included team.

“Make allies so the change work (and expectation) is not all on you.” – Stephen Frost, CEO.

“D&I is a big job. There needs to be a visible strategy which can be tackled in ‘chunks’ over time. But, ultimately work in D&I can be very rewarding.  While you can’t change the world in a day, you can and will change the world for someone.” – Helen Corbishley, Consultant.

“Frame the challenge as change management. Chances are, your organisation will have a lot of experience in change management. The essential ingredients for a successful change management project are the same regardless of the change. By framing as change management you help people opt-in (yes, I know how to do this) rather than opt-out (I’m scared of D&I and I don’t know how change things).” – Rob Adediran, Consulting Manager

“You will want to change the world – we all do! But focus on what you can do, and remind yourself that with every conversation, every step, you are changing someone’s world. Understand that you have your own lived experience and identity, so may miss the mark or make mistakes. Learn from this and don’t be discouraged – we are all learning and doing our best.” – Lydia Collins, Associate Consultant

“Network! D&I managers are often a small or one-person team. Leverage the network of your peers to gain insights from across the industry and collaborate to come up with innovative solutions.” – Priya Radia, Consultant.

“Listen and watch for six months (with empathy, not a critical eye)… Learn about your organisation before acting.” – Garry Curtis, Client Solutions Advisor

“Build your network – for both knowledge and development, and also to create a support community.” – Maria Lee, Associate Consultant

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