Coaching in a Global Media Agency

What is cultural intelligence? To be culturally intelligent is to adapt and operate effectively in a range of contexts. These can be across national, ethnic, organisational, generational, and departmental settings...

We started work with this global media agency in 2021. The agency runs a federated model, meaning leadership frameworks and competencies had been decentralised and inconsistent. Behaviours were also inconsistent from agency to agency, with levels of understanding on D&I mixed. In some cases there were overtly uninclusive behaviours and challenging cultural aspects across the agencies, with leaders not always role modelling the right brand values.


Briefed with taking each leader on an inclusive leadership journey from understanding through to delivery, Included designed a bespoke leadership competency framework and programme. Our consultants led the group through a series of collective workshops, and then consultant-guided 1:1 coaching sessions.


One agency CEO, whose behaviours had been noted as challenging by central HR and his own colleagues, said afterwards that the coaching sessions had ‘changed his view and shifted his thinking’. He committed to investing time and resources into D&I in his agency. Another experienced executive found the session ‘disarming’ and helped them to move forward with a plan for addressing inclusion barriers. The majority of participants felt that the coaching helped them to directly link inclusive thinking to their day-to-day role (internal and external). Following these interventions, the Group rolled out a wider 360 feedback programme which featuring further 1:1 coaching.