Senior Leader Coaching

What is cultural intelligence? To be culturally intelligent is to adapt and operate effectively in a range of contexts. These can be across national, ethnic, organisational, generational, and departmental settings...

G4S is one of the world’s largest employers. It was launching a global diversity inclusion council and enlisted our support to ensure the launch was framed as effectively as possible.


We coached senior leaders ahead of time to help them find their authentic voice on the subject matter and delivered the keynote address.


The Council launch was a great success with participants noting the candour of the executives and feeling G4S was serious about the work.


Included helped us shape and successfully launch our new global Inclusion Council. Beforehand, Stephen Frost challenged our thinking and shared insights and ideas to ensure the event was delivered in a way which was both engaging and meaningful to over 50 G4S colleagues around the world. During the launch Stephen gave a keynote address and hosted a question and answer session. As always he was inspiring to listen to, explaining what we mean by D&I and why it’s so important that we understand and take responsibility for building inclusion in our lives, our businesses and in wider society. There were some great follow up questions and had time permitted, the discussions would have continued a lot longer. It was a great start to the council and the inclusion journey we are on.”

Catherine Hooper, Acting Group HR Director, G4S plc