Training in a Global Sports Equipment Company


​This prominent sports equipment retailer wanted to launch learning sessions for its EMEA team to strengthen their understanding of D&I issues, specifically on allyship, anti-racism, and LGBTQ+ inclusion.


Included is delivering training to over 300 staff across EMEA, which has included multi-part sessions on each of the key topics. These interactive sessions – comprising impactful videos, introspective individual activities, and lively breakout group discussions – have not only delivered an overview of the topic but have also addressed the underlying reasons why the problems exist (such as systemic discrimination). Moreover, the sessions have provided practical tools that individuals and teams can implement to improve in these areas that don’t require large, organisation-level change.The organisation is headquartered in the USA, and Included‘s input was able to adjust the conversation for the EMEA audience.


Impact is being measured during and after the intervention, but preliminary results show that participants have felt that they understand these concepts better, that they have a clearer idea of why these concepts are relevant to them, and that they now have practical action-based tools they can use immediately to effect change. ​