Sam Hernandez


Sam has over 15+ years of experience in organisational and People Development and delivers inclusive leadership and management development programmes across the globe.

Sam’s passion for people, coupled with her rational approach to problem solving and her sharp sense of humour, allows her to galvanise and motivate her clients to achieve personal and shared goals. These attributes have served her well in delivering success across a wide breadth of industries ranging from oil & gas, financial services, FMCG, ICT, automotive, and civil engineering.

An ex UN-Sworn Conference interpreter, Sam earned her MBA from one of the top French Business Schools in Paris (ESCP) and her Master in Cognitive Neuroscience from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Her learning curve has not stopped ever since.

As a Cognitive Neuropsychologist and International Coach, Sam juggles medical research with corporate consulting. She leads personal strategy retreats across the planet and lectures in women universities in the Middle East.

With titanic volumes of energy, paired with her 6 languages, and her global cross-cultural experience after having lived in 7 countries across 3 continents, Sam has coached to success many clients helping them to skyrocket their many business ventures or personal goals whilst empowering them to live and breathe by their own rules.

“Sam is someone that will turn your life upside down and get you results in the most insightful yet firm way. The way she does that? She holds up a mirror!”

In her personal time, she can be found mentoring vulnerable children, jumping out of planes, or partner dancing across the globe.


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