Tia Priest


Tia, a seasoned consultant with 15 years of people and business management experience, brings a resilient, innovative, and flexible approach to deliver sustainable inclusion impacts.

Tia has worked across many industries and professions, including Digital, Data & Technology, Human Resources, Communications & Marketing, Project Delivery, Change Management, and Strategy & Policy. She excels at translating equality, diversity, and inclusion challenges into sector-specific language. Leveraging her flexpertise, she bridges disciplines and engages individuals at all levels, focusing on tangible, action-oriented results rather than abstract concepts.

Tia’s leadership proficiency with multidisciplinary teams enables her to empower individuals to deliver outcomes that enhance cultural intelligence while aligning inclusion initiatives with organisational purpose.  Driven by her passion for problem-solving and people, Tia’s unwavering commitment and tireless efforts revolve around embedding sustainable solutions. Solutions that foster growth and development and align both with organisational objectives and the career ambitions of individuals.


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