Inclusion in times of disruption

Inclusion in times of disruption

The world is currently shaped by disruptions. Could D&I help to solve some of the challenges businesses and their workforces are facing? Stephen Frost and Nick Basannavar, contributors to The Key to Inclusion, discuss what it means to implement an inclusion strategy that reaches every level of business.
As the complexities of DE&I continue to grow, we recognise the need to be better informed and educated on the intricacies of this multi-faceted topic.
Stephen Frost, CEO of Included, shares insights around inclusion in the workplace. From the development of driverless cars, to women of colour forgotten by history, Stephen walks through practical examples and their impact.

Nick Basannavar, Head of Consulting at Included, interviews Darren Miller, Founder of the Black Business Institute and discuss the response to the Black History Month theme ‘Time for Change: Actions not Words’ with guidance for organisations looking to make a real difference beyond October.
Stephen Frost discusses how to build an inclusive organisation focusing on five areas; Strategy, Data, Governance, Leadership and Systems. Our research and practice shows that approaching D&I through these five lenses ensures that the work is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.

Stephen Frost engaging HSBC executives in a a leadership workshop discussing the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture; why inclusion matters (within your role); Creating a supportive and inclusive culture.

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion See You There – Workplace Revolution 2021!

Stephen Frost shares why you should join him – and fellow diversity, equity, and inclusion believers – at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion’s 33rd annual conference: Workplace Revolution!
Think of your ‘in-group’ – your closest friends, family and loved ones. Think of your ‘in-group’- your closest friends, family and loved ones. How diverse are they? Stephen Frost demonstrates the value of a diverse in-group, and how a lack of diversity can cause real world problems. Frost Included challenges us to truly examine our workplaces and think carefully who we choose to hire, fire and promote.
Stephen Frost speaks to HSBC executives on the benefits of having and diverse and inclusive culture and why it should matter in the workplace.
Stephen Frost is a speaker at the WIG’s Diversity & Inclusion Conference: Developing strategies to attract talent and drive engagement. Listen to his video to hear his follow up interview.20

Though widely discussed, D&I can be complex subjects to broach. Stephen Frost, Included's CEO and editor of The Key to Inclusion, delves into the three-point conversation model to guide you through a conversation with your manager discussing diversity.

Steve Girdler, Managing Director at HireRight, worked with sponsor Adecco on the recruitment for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Find out how diversity and inclusion was central to getting this work right, and what lessons have been carried forward in the decade since the Games.
The LOCOG D&I team produced this promotional film to capture the importance of D&I at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012

American Program BureauUnderstand, Lead and Deliver

Stephen Frost urges his audience not to take the easy route. D&I doesn’t just happen! If you can all create systemic changes now in our organisations, then collectively we can create change in the world at large.
2020: The Urgency of Inclusion – Stephen Frost delivers a virtual keynote outlining that during the historic pandemic in 2020 we are essentially living in a dual pandemic; in terms of medical, tragedies and political but also a pandemic of racism and a heightened awareness of D&I as it effects our cooperation’s, our communities, our relationships and our lives.
A lot of organisations already measure their diversity, but how can you increase the scope of this? Social mobility and cognitive diversity are additional characteristics that your measurement can look at. But diversity, and measurement of diversity, is only the beginning.
Stephen Frost, the co-author of Inclusive Talent Management, looks at how reconciling self and collective interest can benefit society and our own careers.
Making Inclusion our Reality: Stephen Frost delivers a keynote covering the D&I journey of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.
Diversity is a Reality : Inclusion is a Choice Stephen Frost introduces the business case for D&I using examples from his time as Head of D&I at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012.
Stephen Frost delivers a keynote address that helps organisations understand, lead and deliver inclusion systemically, adding measurable value to their bottom line.

How can we be better at working with people different from us? Cultural intelligence is a skillset that allows you to work effectively and compassionately across a range of cultural contexts. Rob Neil and Lydia Cronin share the four key capabilities that you can train and develop to improve this skill.
Raafi-Karim Alidina delivers a compelling keynote at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, March 2021 where he invites you to think about D&I from an economic perspective and focus on the previously excluded global group of individuals without access to technology.

IncludedNudging Toward Inclusion: Developing and Leveraging a Behavioural Diagnostic for Inclusion

Stephen Frost delivers a short insightful keynote at the Global, Equality & Diversity Conference in 2018 regarding the gender pay gap research Included carried out in April 2018 where they discovered the majority of D&I award winning organisations actually had worse than average gender pay gaps.
Stephen Frost gives a keynote at the Whitehall & Industry Group’s annual conference outlining the importance of the three essential components (understand, lead and deliver) as crucial when delivering an effective D&I strategy.
How to Make the Argument for Inclusion to Stakeholders – How can you get buy-in for D&I programmes? Stephen Frost and Raafi-Karim Alidina explain how to achieve support from your organisation’s stakeholders and start making a real difference to D&I in your workplace.
Stephen Frost and Raafi-Karim Alidina discuss their latest book on the great progress that has been made in terms of inclusion and diversity but there is still a long way to go. This change needs to be made not just because it’s the right thing to do but because this will make a genuinely positive difference to company performance.
Stephen Frost, co-author of Inclusive Talent Management, discusses the importance of aligning talent management and diversity objectives within a organisation. Inclusive Talent Management shows that to achieve business objectives and gain the competitive advantage, it is imperative that organisations take an inclusive approach to talent management.
Stephen Frost, co-author of Inclusive Talent Management, looks at how organisations can combat homogenous talent management. Included work with clients worldwide to embed inclusion into their decision making aligning talent management and diversity and inclusion, offering a fresh perspective on why the current distinction between them needs to disappear.

Womensphere European Summit 2013London 2012 Olympics

Stephen Frost speaking at the Womensphere Europe Summit in 2013 on Advancing Women’s Leadership in Institutions & Society: Leadership Insights from the C-Suite: “Creating Diversity & Inclusion Systemically: Lessons from the London 2012 Olympics”.

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