ArticleJune 15, 2022by included

Include and support LGBTQ+ colleagues

Pride month is an opportunity to reflect on how far the hard-fought battle for LGBTQ+ rights has come, as well as acknowledging the work still to be done. Legal gains have been made, as well as a cultural shift. Many increasingly view LGBTQ+ inclusion as a positive norm, with more organisations taking part in Pride activity than ever before. Whilst bias still exists, we are more aware of it than before and are learning how to tackle it.

organisations have been criticised for using Pride merely as a marketing tool, similar to ‘greenwashing‘,  polarisation is evident in the ongoing debate around transgender rights and women’s rights, and being LGBTQ+ is illegal in 71 countries.

What can you do in your workplace? 

It’s important to understand what makes people feel included in your organisation. Looking at data from our Inclusion Diagnostic, we learnt that LGBTQ+ employees in particular felt that organisations should use more diverse recruiting sources. Data such as this points towards specific solutions to bring people in and improve workplace culture. GSK saw benefits across their LGBTQ+ networks, as well as engagement across their race, disability, and gender networks.

As seen with GSK, increasing LGBTQ+ representation among recruiters and developing LGBTQ+ employee resource groups’ involvement in recruiting can be an effective way of increasing applications from the LGBTQ+ community and showing support for current LGBTQ+ employees at the same time.

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