Inclusive Systems Review

Fulbright Commission

While the US-UK Fulbright Commission can be confident they are selecting phenomenal candidates for their awards, they are continuously seeking to improve their processes and employ best practices in their selection process. They strive to be rigorous, consistent and ensure truly diverse cohorts, and that the selection process isn’t systematically biased for or against any group of people.


First, we established baseline data to understand the diversity of past cohorts, allowing us to measure impact. Second, we mapped and analysed every step of the selection process in extreme detail with an inclusion lens to identify ways in which the process could be made more inclusive. Finally, we implemented those evidence-based interventions that were most likely to be effective and sustainable.


Since our first work with the Commission in 2018, they have adapted their interview and application review processes in many ways and have greater confidence in their process. They have a better grasp of what is happening during a selection cycle, in terms of data trends, and staff feel more empowered to identify problem areas and make further changes.


“The process started with D&I training, which helped empower the team to be confident in their decision-making. Included then took time to fully understand our processes and made several recommendations, many of which we implemented and saw improvements. We worked with Included to review the data we had, and to improve the data fields we used for future. Included also encouraged us to review the data more frequently throughout the process (not just at the end of the process). This has helped us analyze trends across several years, and to develop a better understanding of what is happening during a competition. It was super helpful and has encouraged us to critique other areas of our work, and seek more development opportunities, to continue to improve and progress.”

Amy Moore – Director, Fulbright Awards Programme, Fulbright Commission