Working Towards Equal Health Outcomes

What is cultural intelligence? To be culturally intelligent is to adapt and operate effectively in a range of contexts. These can be across national, ethnic, organisational, generational, and departmental settings...
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Wellcome is the world’s second largest funder of medical research. It wanted to help its senior leaders lead on D&I issues to better fulfil its profound, public health-focused mission.


Working closely with Wellcome’s D&I owners, we ran our Inclusive Leadership Programme twice. The second time, we embedded it in their overall Board awayday work. We also conducted data work in order to take a viable measure of inclusion within the organisation.


Wellcome was able to truly embed important ideas and language in the overall work of the organisation. Through inclusion measurement techniques, Wellcome was able to make targeted interventions to improve the experiences of employees. The effects have been seen in Wellcome’s holistic response to Covid-19 and in its own staff engagement scores.


“I have been using Included at Wellcome over the last year or so – for both D&I work and for helping take our Executive Leadership Team and Wellcome to the next level. Included has been absolutely integral to moving the team and the whole organisation forward during a time of very exciting but also profound change. Engaging, knowledgeable and a superb facilitator with ability to push us often beyond our comfort zones but with a unique ability to allow us to leave the room inspired, and committed to make the changes needed. I cannot sum it up better than one of the Executive Leadership Team quote about Included – “best I have ever worked with”. Myself, the Executive Leadership Team and Wellcome are all in a much better place thanks to the work we have done with Steve and his team.”

Sir Jeremy Farrar, Director, Wellcome Trust